Monday, April 4, 2011

87 Days til Departure

Jc and I are officially going to Michigan and Chicago! We're like real grown ups! Kind of. I'm sooo excited!!

As much as I hate Michigan, I actually miss it for a few seconds every now and then. Its a nice little town and very beautiful around the Fourth of July.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference

I wish general conference happened more than twice a year. I just love it. We are soo blessed to have such easy access to all of the church's material. I watched the very last session in my bed with my feet lifted and it was wonderful. Sometimes I feel like the brethren are telling us more than they are actually telling us. Like if you are really really listening and pondering and taking in every word that comes out of their mouths, you realize that they are indirectly telling you more. Like hidden secrets that they want to share but only want the ones who are really wanting to hear it, hear them. It is so cool! Kind of like all of the things about what happens inside the temple. You are not supposed to talk about that stuff outside of the temple but sometimes people will tell you things indirectly. Like when my boyfriend tells me that everyone is family. Speaking of, marriage was a huge topic this general conference ;)

My Nailess Toes

So this past Thursday I went into my podiatrist's office to get my ingrowns taken care of. Here are all the misconceptions that I had:
1. I thought I would be asleep for the procedure.
2. I thought he was just going to cut out the ingrowns and leave the rest.
3. I thought I would be out for a day and then be back to 100%.
4. I thought that I would just have a little bandage and be able to wear my shoes.
5. I thought I would get some good drugs.
Okay so all of that was false. Here is what went down. My friend Devin dropped me off and I waited for a half hour, I got taken back to the room and the nurse checked my vitals. I asked her if I would be asleep and she told me I wouldn't. She told me that I was obviously not informed about the procedure at all and that I needed to talk to the doctor. So the doctor came in and told me that I would be awake the whole time, that I would have 3 shots in each toe to numb them, he would cut off my nails, and then go for the ingrown roots. My toe nails wouldn't grow back for 6 months.... "So do you still want to go through with the procedure?" I was in shock. "Well, I already made up my mind when I made the appointment." So he went through with it. The shots hurt really bad, and then when he cut out the roots, I felt some really weird tugging and the noise was awful. But, I was numb. He wrapped up my toes like little potatoes. And then the rest of my foot, put on some grandma chic socks, and then gave me these weird sandal 'sketcher shape up' looking things to wear. So, I can't take real showers for a week and I have to wear these sandals that whole time. So I rested Thursday, and part of Friday. And now, Saturday and Sunday, Rach and I came up to Alta, Wyoming to stay with Paul and Sharon Alden. They are the best couple ever!! They are soo hip and funny! Paul wear skullcandy, and quicksilver shirts and jeans, and he just watches his wife sew and he smiles. It is the cutest thing ever. The met on a blind date and then eloped! They didn't tell their parents or anything. Paul was jewish and he didn't even tell his parents he got baptised. Ahhh I love them so much!

Hare Krishna

I made my way down to Utah last weekend and went to the festival of colors. And it was freezing but here are some pictures.