Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best of Friends

So there's this girl Rachael and... well... were kind of in love ;)
Don't they look like engagements?! haha. Well its fine because she is like a sister to me and I feel totally comfortable around her.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I love summer! check out this cool video I found of summer...

Brixton Summer 2011 from BRIXTON on Vimeo.

Monday, April 4, 2011

87 Days til Departure

Jc and I are officially going to Michigan and Chicago! We're like real grown ups! Kind of. I'm sooo excited!!

As much as I hate Michigan, I actually miss it for a few seconds every now and then. Its a nice little town and very beautiful around the Fourth of July.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference

I wish general conference happened more than twice a year. I just love it. We are soo blessed to have such easy access to all of the church's material. I watched the very last session in my bed with my feet lifted and it was wonderful. Sometimes I feel like the brethren are telling us more than they are actually telling us. Like if you are really really listening and pondering and taking in every word that comes out of their mouths, you realize that they are indirectly telling you more. Like hidden secrets that they want to share but only want the ones who are really wanting to hear it, hear them. It is so cool! Kind of like all of the things about what happens inside the temple. You are not supposed to talk about that stuff outside of the temple but sometimes people will tell you things indirectly. Like when my boyfriend tells me that everyone is family. Speaking of, marriage was a huge topic this general conference ;)

My Nailess Toes

So this past Thursday I went into my podiatrist's office to get my ingrowns taken care of. Here are all the misconceptions that I had:
1. I thought I would be asleep for the procedure.
2. I thought he was just going to cut out the ingrowns and leave the rest.
3. I thought I would be out for a day and then be back to 100%.
4. I thought that I would just have a little bandage and be able to wear my shoes.
5. I thought I would get some good drugs.
Okay so all of that was false. Here is what went down. My friend Devin dropped me off and I waited for a half hour, I got taken back to the room and the nurse checked my vitals. I asked her if I would be asleep and she told me I wouldn't. She told me that I was obviously not informed about the procedure at all and that I needed to talk to the doctor. So the doctor came in and told me that I would be awake the whole time, that I would have 3 shots in each toe to numb them, he would cut off my nails, and then go for the ingrown roots. My toe nails wouldn't grow back for 6 months.... "So do you still want to go through with the procedure?" I was in shock. "Well, I already made up my mind when I made the appointment." So he went through with it. The shots hurt really bad, and then when he cut out the roots, I felt some really weird tugging and the noise was awful. But, I was numb. He wrapped up my toes like little potatoes. And then the rest of my foot, put on some grandma chic socks, and then gave me these weird sandal 'sketcher shape up' looking things to wear. So, I can't take real showers for a week and I have to wear these sandals that whole time. So I rested Thursday, and part of Friday. And now, Saturday and Sunday, Rach and I came up to Alta, Wyoming to stay with Paul and Sharon Alden. They are the best couple ever!! They are soo hip and funny! Paul wear skullcandy, and quicksilver shirts and jeans, and he just watches his wife sew and he smiles. It is the cutest thing ever. The met on a blind date and then eloped! They didn't tell their parents or anything. Paul was jewish and he didn't even tell his parents he got baptised. Ahhh I love them so much!

Hare Krishna

I made my way down to Utah last weekend and went to the festival of colors. And it was freezing but here are some pictures.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Lela

I have the best grandma ever. She could beat your grandma up any day! I got this really hilarious package from her and it had a whole bunch of crazy things in it. Including sardines, and nuts, and a whole bunch of candy that I either gave away or threw away. And spices, and a wallet, And best of all these:

The glasses I was just wearing because I was wearing them most of the day and I liked them with that brown hat. Anyways she knitted all of those things and I love her for it. I wore the sweater vest to school today and everyone loved it! I'm so cute I can pull off a knitted sweater vest. Oooooo weee!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

well... well... well...

And they got the big thing that blowed up stuff. And they blowed up princess Leah's planet.... I love this video!

Well thats not what I wanted to say. I wanted to say that there is this awesome new blog I found via a friend on facebook and she is giving away a giftcard to Anthropologie and if you are one of the 3 people that read my blog and you are interested, go here.

Okay so school blows! I stay in the Austin for almost 12 hours a day and I hate it! I get all my homework done though so thats good. Today I went to all my classes and left the building at 7pm and then Rach and I went and bought our friend Krystal a bachelorette party gift. I feel like this is the only place I can vent about it because I'm trying not to talk bad about others. Anyways shes not my friend. She's annoying and loud and I dont really like her anymore. Ohh and I guess I took out some of my anger at spin because I finished 15 miles in 40 minutes. And the included hills, and stationaries, and some sprints. Not bad eh?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

100th Post

Well. well... well... I don't really have too much to say. I really enjoy having a blog because it's kind of like a journal. But slightly more public. Here is something that I have been thinking about lately: DOMA. Defense of Marriage Act. I have been watching the news for a few minutes every day or at least reading the what I can while I am at work. So in case you have no idea what is going on here is a summary by Melanie. Okay so Obama, our president, one lovely February morning decided that he no longer supported DOMA. Meaning that he didn't want a law defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. As of late there is a guy with the last name Boehner, pronounced like Boner, who is the Gay Republicans House Speaker and he is all about it. Great. What is this world coming to? Who would have thought that being homosexual would be the popular thing to do? We are in for a great deal of persecution. In our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, etc. And I say bring it on! I am getting married in the temple to a MAN! Booyah! And guess what?! WE can procreate and you homosexuals can't. SO you and your little rainbow filled families will go extinct. Just wait a hundred years. If even takes that long.
SO I found out about this really cool place. Check it out.
This is “The Safest Wall” in Seoul, South Korea. Young couples show their love for each other by locking a pair of padlocks to this fence, and throwing the keys over the edge. By throwing away the keys, they are showing their undying commitment to each other.

I want to go there. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

Valentines 2011 from Melanie Lynn on Vimeo.

Well I made this over the weekend just for fun because I love my boy and I wanted to tell him on V-day! So I sent him this little vid yesterday and he liked it! I love this song.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Recipe for Summer 2011

This is how I will decorate my room or living room
And I will hang with the birds and grow feathers most likely
Ohh I might get bangs first but not blond hair. bleh.
And a dream catcher!
And some Engineering classes, business classes, and a religion class (preferably Old or New Testament)
A really cool apartment or house. This would be ideal ;)
And my coolest friend CoolLiz & of course the best boyfriend ever! MINE!

But for right now, January, in Idaho, this is my recipe.

Little house on the Jersey Shore

Sooo there are these girls that live above me that refuse to walk like civilized ladies. Let alone do anything like anyone but the She-Hulk or Snookie. They are soooo loud! One of my roommates works at 4 AM and I never hear her, who do I hear at 7 am EVERY single morning though? THEM! SNOOKIE! ITs ridiculous! They stomp around and slam all the drawers and doors and I swear they rearrange their furniture everyday! Well I took the initiative and went to their apartment with my roomies behind me to ask them if they could possibly make some changes or just become aware that I am pissed! I thought that the noise level would drastically change the following day. NOPE! Not even! I seriously live in the ghetto! Or Jersey Shore. Whatever. I have a shank.

Okay I'm done. I want to write about something else but not attached to this.

Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 Roundup

Jc and I started officially dating! Also, I learned how to snowboard like a boss :).

I fell in love in Santa Barbara. Well actually I had already fallen in love with him, he just finally realized it too.

One of my best friends got married!

I finished a year of teaching yoga at my school and got my certification! And I finished my 5th semester of college.

I traveled to China! I learned sooo much about the culture and just even about people in general and how simple they live. It's amazing. 

My sisters, mom, and I went to see Mika in concert in Hong Kong and it was sooo fun!!

I started a job in at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and spent the rest of my summer there!!

I turned 21 and danced on a bar with my best friend!

I started my 6th semester and got off probation.

I was a villan for a night.

I fell in love in Arizona :)

I learned how to Scuba dive with my family in Thailand!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm Back from Thailand and I will write all about it soon but what is on my mind right now is...
Jc, I can't help falling in love with you

Brandon Flowers Elvis Cover from Melanie Lynn on Vimeo.
This concert was amazing! Beyond amazing even!