Sunday, September 12, 2010

We left our love in our summer skin

Okay so I didn't actually leave my love because I still have him ;)...yup thats you Jc! But I did leave a little piece of me in Colorado. I really really miss it! I loved it sooo much. I want to live there sooo bad when I'm all grown up. Oh wait I'm never going to grow up. Okay so how about when I graduate and have to get a real job. Wait, I don't even want to do that. Great! Well someday in the near future I would like to live in the valley/high rockies of Colorado.
So school started this week and my classes are really hard. But I found out that Rach has 3 semesters left and I have at least 4 soooo I really want to try to finish up! Heres my pic of the week. So much for a 365 day project. You win!
Ohh p.s. My new blender is coming this week!!!!! I am soooooo excited!! I could pee my pants! I just might when it gets here.