Saturday, June 5, 2010

Really Fun Death

I am sooo NOT gothic. I am literally obsessed with Hot Yoga. I've been before in the states but its like 100 times better here in China. Hot yoga for anyone who doesn't know is when you do Bikram style yoga poses in a really hot room. The rule of thumb is that the room should be about 105 degrees fahrenheit. In China however its about 115. It sounds like a small difference but it's huge! The first time I went here, I thought I was going to pass out. I was mad at myself for not drinking more water before the class started. But at the end of the class we did our Shavasana, relaxation, and I loved it! Then I drank a huge bottle of cold water and relized that hot yoga was my new favorite! So I did it 4 times this week. haha! That's probably more than I should but I don't even care. I went to a really great Aroma Tes class which is all about massaging your body through yoga poses. I also went to a few Hatha classes which are centered around increasing your flexibility. Which I am super good at :). But one of them was a partner class and my partner and I were soo good! So good that the teacher called in another instrustor and they took pictures of some of our poses for their website. Here's one of the poses, it doesn't look that hard but it is. It burns the calves big time!

I also did another yoga teaching certification this weekend. It counts towards Yoga Alliance even! We learned from the literally amazing, Alana Kaivalya! She teaches a style of yoga called Jivamutki. It is all about becoming your best self through yoga. It was all focused around these 5 main principles: Bhakti (devotion), Nada (music), Sacred Texts, meditation and Ahimsa (kindness). She said, "Prepare to enjoy a vigorously uplifting asana class!" and it was! I stretched my body in ways that I don't think I ever have and I sweat like crazy! It was wonderful! And we offered our yoga session to a person that we love deeply (you know who you are), and then at the end we offered up 3 mule poses. 1. To the person we love deeply 2. To a person that inspires us 3. A person that we don't want to offer a mule pose to.   I loved it soo much! And then the next 2 days were just for teaching this Jivamutki style and adjusting your students. I can't wait to adjust students! Well actually I don't think I want to teach for a while yet, but I will teach my friends.