Saturday, February 20, 2010

I sorta love you

I was just reading some of my old blogs, and it is so weird to me that I have literally been in love with JC for so long. Like last August. I can vividly picture in my mind, sitting out on the porch in Rosemary Beach and talking to him for hours. And that night I was soo happy, and I knew I loved him. And you know there is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.  Well I just loved him. And then I talked to him a whole bunch during the Fall semester. I didn't see him very much until the end obviously, but I always thought about him. He was the main reason why I refused to become official with Steven. It blows my mind how every little thing that happens, happens for a reason. EVERYTHING! Its soooo crazy!
OKay, so I wrote most of that a couple weeks ago and just didn't post it. Well here's to Valentine's Day...

So Tuesday, I went to a concert in Salt Lake City, which is only like half an hour away from Provo. And JC and I were supposed to meet up but things came up, and we didn't get to see each other. We were planning a big trip to Santa Barbara for that coming weekend. So i told him that it was okay, because I would see him in a few days. But, honestly I was really really sad. I wanted to see him.Well I was kinda upset for a couple days, and then on Thursday, I was falling asleep on the couch at the Pothier's (a family that lives up by the temple) and Rach texts me. It says "Um.... u got flowers..." and at first I was like "Chris is sooooo stupid!" hahaha! but then i sat and stared out into space and realized that I had a boyfriend. So I took a nap and then when I got up I went home, opened the box, and there were a dozen light pink roses from Ecuador. And the note said. With Much Love, JC. I love him!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Okay listen to this week I have had so far. I like lists so here it is numbered off just like half my other blogs.
1. I started training this week, and I hate my job already. I am thankful to have a job, but I hate working in the food business, and everyone that works there is either in High school, or a total low life. I am thinking to myself, I am a MECHANICAL ENGINEERING student and one day I am going to make 1,000 times as much as these fools, that will probably work here the rest of their lives. These kids are either college dropouts, just plain old dont want to go to school, taking 2 classes, its rediculous! I wish there was a gym around here that had fitness class instructors and I could just teach yoga all day. GRRRR!!
2. I had 4 effing tests this week! Ohh and I have 2 at the very beginning of next week. FML! let me go on about this one...
3. My Strengths Test: So my teacher is this girl, who just graduated last semester in Mechanical Engineering from here. She has no idea how to teach. I should just wait and take that class another semester but I need it to move on to later classes. Anyways, her test was ridiculously hard, because she used the old teachers test plus what she thought needed to be on there. Great! I haven't gotten my score back yet so we will see how bad I did next week.
4. Dynamics Test: So, I used to work at the testing center, and I literally dreaded every minute of it! Well, I was planning on working there last fall after I had worked the whole summer, but they "conveniently" thought I was off track, and didn't put me on the schedule or the payroll. I had filled out a million and a half papers saying what track I was on, I sent about a dozen emails, and I even picked a schedule that I could work. Well the bosses hated everyone and they were extremely rude all the time, probably the worst bosses I have ever had. No one likes them! Well, lucky me, I walk into the testing center to take my test, and who is there? my old boss of course! So she walks to the back room , and this girl hands me my test. I am taking this test, and at first I am breezing through it, then it starts getting super super hard. Long story short, the girl that handed me my test forgot to give me a packet of formulas that we were allowed to use on the test. FANTASTIC! So I failed it. And now my teacher is having me take the retake, just like everyone else, and he said, "so, we will talk about it after you retake it, and see how well you did." It was like a slap in the face. I get 100% on all my homeworks, and he says that?! what a joke!
5. My Computer Programming Test: Well it was in class, and I am sitting there 40 minutes into the class, and the guy 2 seats down was just plugging in his flash drive and his computer shut down. So I think, Wow that sucks! Then 2 minutes later, it happens to me!! ABSOLUTELY! great! I lose EVERYTHING! ohh and my teacher isn't even there. He took the day off for who knows what reason, sends in a sub to start us off, and then leaves. So I hurry up and email him telling him what happened, and then try to work on it for the last 10 mins that I have. I forward that to him. He sends me an email back telling me to come talk to him in his office about it.
6. My other test was fine.
7. I got booted yesterday.. enough said.
8. I went snowboarding, and even before I went snowboarding my right knee had been bothering me, but after it was killing me! I woke up this morning and couldn't even walk on it. ohh and I have to teach pregnancy yoga tonight, and intermediate yoga tomorrow. We will see how well that goes.
9. I accidentally shanked myself.
10. J.C. isn't coming to visit this weekend. So, that makes a whole month that we haven't seen each other.
11. I got asked out on a date by this midget black guy named Walsworth. He is sooo strange, and I am really bad at saying no, so I just kinda ignored the fact that he was asking me out and he said, "Well we will talk about it when I see you at yoga next week. So, I might have to get a sub :/
12. I am sooo tired! I am not getting enough sleep.
13. I am running out of clothes, but I have no time to do laundry, or money. Story of my life.

Okay so I know that there are people out there that have it way way worse. Like the people in Haiti. I am sorry! I wish I could say I feel for ya, but I don't. I am soo mad about what has happened to me, and how I can fix it all, I can't think about anything else. Sorry! I think I'll go spend the night at the Floyd's. It's the only place that feels somewhat like home :(