Saturday, January 30, 2010

Check it Boo!

My Love Story, the beginning

Okay so I haven't written in here in forever. the last post, I actually wrote a long long time ago and it was just saved. So here is a quick update. Ill go into detail about the important things.
1. I got over Steven super quick. My dad told me that he was going to beat me up if I didn't get over him, so I did. He told me that Steven just wasn't for me and he was soo right! He told me that Steven and I just weren't looking for the same things in life, and at the present time. Fact! Done and done!
2. This one is going to be long. So JC called me like a week before Thanks giving break, and told me that he was coming for a whole week. He wanted to skip two days of school and just be with me the whole entire week. Alone. I was soo surprised and sooo happy! I called my mom and told her and she was ecstatic! I couldn't even wait. Since I had just been to provo a few weeks before, and JC acted like we were just friends, that is what I expected out of the week. Well on Saturday he gets into Rexburg super late, we stayed up for a little bit and chatted, and then we went to bed. He slept in my roommates bed. We woke up the next morning, made breakfast and went to church. I LOVED it! We both looked so good! Sister Floyd, our first counselors wife, who came to all my surgeries with me, knew that I liked him and she told me she thought he was soo cute and sweet! She invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner, we told her that we would think about it. The next two days we just did everything together. We woke up, made breakfast together, brushed our teeth together, went to the gym together, did homework in the library together, everything! It was like we went to school together. I loved it sooo sooo much! We started cuddling a little on Monday and kept it up since, we even took a little nap together one day. I wanted to jump his bones! haha! Thursday morning Marcus and Joel came. They are JC's roommates. We decided to go to the Floyd's for dinner. We drove out there, and ate a ton of food. After dinner Marcus, JC and I fell asleep on a bed in the basement. Sister and Brother Floyd loved him and Marcus and Joel! We all went back to Rexburg, played some games outside and then all went to bed. Friday, Joel left in the morning, Marcus, JC and I played in Rexburg all day. Then, night came around and Marcus went to bed surprisingly early. Jc and I just chilled in my room. We started making a cd for on his way home. It was taking forever. Then we layed in my bed while it was burning, and then when it finished, we both just layed there still. We got under the covers, and talked for a little bit, then we just cuddled. He got really close to my face, and I literally thought I was going to pass out. I knew that I wasn't getting enough oxygen to support how fast and hard my heart was beating. He was nose grazing me! I prepared myself to faint. Then out of nowhere he backed off. I was sad. He was rubbing my back, and so i started to fall asleep. Then he said, "Melanie?...", "yes", "I just wanted to say thanks for everything, I had a great week.", "No problem, I'm really glad you came." and then he slowly moved in closer again. And this time he tilted his head and kissed me ever so lightly. It was so perfect! Well, I wanted to kiss him again so i reached my hand to the back of his neck and leaned in while I pulled him in, and kissed him. We kissed a few times, and then started talking about it all. He confessed that he had been trying to build up the courage to kiss me all week and that he has liked me since he got back from his mission. Which is exactly how long I have like him! Then he told me that he didn't want to make a move for a long time because we are such good friends, and he didn't know how I felt about him. And then he said, "but now it is only going to get better from now on." And then he told me that usually when he likes a girl, he has feelings for her, but he ignores them and then they go away. But, with me, he started having feelings for me in the summer, and he tried to ignore them the best he could, but they never left. And that is why he didn't go on a lot of dates while he was in Provo. He had no desire to date anyone else. He told me that he was going to have the hardest time in concentrating in class, and that he was going to have ADD. I asked him why. And he said "Because I am always going to be thinking about you, Melanie, you are my ADD." And then we kissed again. When we stopped, he said "My 11:11 wish came true." and I remembered that a few weeks before, it was 11/11, 11:11 and i texted JC telling him to make an ultimate 11:11 wish. He told me that it was always his wish. To kiss me, for us to be together. Here are a few other things he said, "It's like I just can't get enough Melanie." "I was just so nervous because I like you so much, and I didn't want to ruin our friendship." "I like the solid friendship we have built, it wouldn't have been the same if you went to Provo." We startd talking about missions, and if I were to go on a mission, and he said "I would miss you sooo much!"
Okay so that night was the best night of my life so far! I was sooo happy! Then, he left the next morning :(. But we kept in touch. He came up again at the end of the semester, and did the same thing. He waited til the last night to kiss me.
3. I had an awesome X-Mas break with my family! And he came up to visit with Josh, James and his dad. It was different because his dad had no idea that we even liked each other. And we kind of wanted to keep it that way. He came with me to my dentist appt and on the way back I wanted to pull over and just kiss him, but I didn't. It was still super nice to see him!
4. I am taking my snowboarding class and I am doing soo good! I am sooo happy!
5. I went to Pierina's wedding with Jc and I looked soooo hott!! It was awesome! Then I spent the rest of the weekend with him, and that was wonderful! It was exactly what I needed! I missed him soo much! We had a really great makeout sesh Sunday afternoon too! hah
6. My classes are extremely hard! I feel like I don't have a real life anymore.
7. I just want to get married and get out of these stupid apartments! I hate living with stupid girls!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Done Done Totally Done

Okay so today was pretty crazy! I woke up at 9, and Fielding and Becca both asked me to go to the game. Ohh and Chris had texted me a few times. So becca asked me to come to the game so I fixed myself a little then left. I figured I would watch the rest of their game and then workout. So I get there, and Steven sees me and smiles and waves. I give him a head nod. So I watched their game, and Steven probably played for a minute. Literally. So then I left to go workout, and Steven came to say hi. And I kinda rubbed it in his face that he didn't play a lot. Then I saw my football coach, and he came over and gave me a huge hug and started talking to me. Steven just kinda stood there. Then he asked me if I was going to watch Becca's game, and I said of course. So we decided we would see each other later. He left, and I stuck around with Becca for a little bit. Then we walked over to the cardio machines area, and she introduced me to this guy Phil, who is in one of my M.E. classes. Then I left to go workout. I worked out pretty hard, and then I ran into Ryan, Evan, and Lehi in the weights room. I love them! Lehi wants me. for sure. Anyways then I went to Becca's game, I was half an hour late, no big deal. Steven was line guarding, and he saw me the second I walked in. I sat in the back kinda, by myself, and then Steven pointed a little farther down, Fielding was there. Becca's team was playing Fielding's sister's team. So I sat there and cheered. I told this guy to come sit by me and he did. Then he left so I saw Becca's cute brother, and told him to take me out. He agreed and the whole rest of the game we were flirting and Steven was staring at us. Weird!