Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend in Boise

Okay so i had my ultrasound and it hurt sooo bad! Then they told me that I have to get another test this next week. So I scheduled an appointment for Tuesday at one. Then, as soon as I left, I started crying because I was lost in the hospital and I was in so much pain. So I called my dad, as always, and he told me to go to the doctor's office and get some pain killers. So I did. He gave me Darvocet, which is half pain killer half anti depressant so I took one and...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My First Yoga Class

It was amazing!! Silly, if you are reading this, the reason i haven't emailed you back is because my email is acting super weird becuz it is connected to my school account now too. I'm sorry! I will email you asap! I have sooo much to tell you!
Okay so I am teaching this yoga class at 9pm every Tuesday and Thursday in the wrestling room, which is tiny, and tonight was my first class. Well, about 65-70 people showed up and it was soo fun! Everyone was super cooperative and it was just such a blast. I did a pretty simple routine with some relaxation at the end. I'm gonna try to set up routines to target key areas from now on, because I was all over the place. Ohh and more than half the class was guys!! YAY!
So, I've been having really really bad stomach pains for a while now, and I finally went to the doctors today, and he thinks it is my gall bladder. Well gall bladder problems are hereditary and my dad's gall bladder exploded inside of him... so on Thursday morning I have to go to the stupid dinky little hospital and get an ultrasound on my gallbladder to see if I need to get it removed. I'm in soo much pain all the time it's totally ridiculous! I really don't want to have surgery! Especially away from home. Well my mom said that if I do need surgery she would fly up here!!! That would be awesome!
Silly, I miss you soo much! I think about you everyday!